We have a BIG announcement to make!
Nomiland Records will no longer be releasing any new material or accepting demo's and signing new artists on Nomiland Records. But no worries our Techno and Minimal releases will one-by-one get transferred or rebranded to our new name 'Rogue Unit'. Soundscapes and Electronica will find it's way onto the sub-label Abstract Data.
So we need you to support this new and exciting imprints.

Not only will our Techno and Minimal back-catalog be available on more stores (including Beatport), Rogue Unit will introduce a lot of amazing new releases too.

We thank you for your support! 

out now - NR 021 - Modtech - Virus [Gamma]

Live recorded studio performances with minimal post-production is the concept that ties all Virus releases together. Modtech is again taking things to the next level with his Live Modular Techno sessions.
Dark, seductive and hypnotising is what distinguishes this episode from previous editions. So the Virus saga continues! 

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11.02.2017 - Modtech live at Endless Box

’Modtech’ presents his live-set at ’Endless Box’, an underground techno concept organised by some very talented people at a secret location in Brussels.
For this occasion, ’Modtech’ will perform with a modular synth setup and two drum machines.
More info via our facebook page.

-update- The party was a blast, what an atmosphere and what a crowd. We had so much fun!
The full ’Modtech’ live-set was recorded and available for listening at Soundcloud. 

out now - NR 020 - Ed Nomi - Rec-Play-Pause-Stop

’Ed Nomi’ is back with another strong EP after exploring the extra terrestrial sounds on the album ’Asan’ and the remix EP 'H0U5T0N'.
His newest release on Nomiland Records ’Rec-Play-Pause-Stop’ is the marriage of electronic percussion and trippy sounds.
The EP consists of five originals with a fresh and addictive sound. 

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out now - NR 019 - Oliver Alex - Dynamo

After the wonderful remix for Subtraum’s ’Neuronal Activity’, ’Oliver Alex’ is back with his newest release on Nomiland Records: ’Dynamo’.
The EP includes three originals + two ’Modtech’ remixes, all featuring the mechanical signature sound of Oliver’s machines.
The Belgian producer is well known for his audio-visual project ‘Industrial Revolution’

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out now - NR 018 - Manuel Ferrante - Solar Dance

’Solar Dance’, the debut release of ’Manuel Ferrante’, on Nomiland Records.

This 5-track EP from Italian producer / DJ Manuel Ferrante is a mix of Techno and Electronica: deep, dark and melodic.
Very accessible to a wide audience but still refined in every aspect, the title track ’Solar Dance’ could easily be the soundtrack to a sunset on a warm summer day. 

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out now - NR 016 - Modtech - Utopia

Modtech's latest addition to the Techno scene, out now on Nomiland Records.
'A Utopia (/juːˈtoʊpiə/ yoo-TOH-pee-ə) is an imagined community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities.' A perfect description of what this new EP feels like, with it's dark atmospheric undertone. 

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out now - NR 015 - Subtraum - Neuronal Activity

The brand new EP from Subtraum, out now on Nomiland Records.
Neuronal Activity features three original tracks from this respected Spanish producer and a remix from Oliver Alex, also well respected in the Belgian Techno scene.
This is Mental Techno which goes straight to the brain, stimulating your senses, making you move beyond control. 

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out now - NR 011 - Modtech - Virus [Beta]

Heavy user of modular synths + drumcomputers, Modtech, returns with a successor to 'Virus - [Alpha]'. A straightforward four tracker of pure Techno, inspired by Techno's greatest legends. 

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out now - NR 009 - Chameleons on the Run - Modular Sessions vol.1

A brand new series of modular synth excursions by, Chameleons on the Run. Let's take a trip to the early 70ies with these five experimental soundscapes. 

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Teaser trailer to Modtech's Modular live-sets

out now - NR 006 - nr 007 - nr 008 - Chameleons on the Run

'Sunset -Twilight - Nightfall', recorded at MSK Ghent (museum of fine arts), was inspired by work of 'Stijn Cole'. It features electric violin fx + theremin (Frederik Strobbe), sampling (Joris Hendrix) and electric guitar (Eduardo Vega). 

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'The Chameleon' is a live recording too and features sequenced EQ-ing and alto-saxophone + fx (Frederik Strobbe). 

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'Skyline', a unique piece of ambient music written by Frederik Strobbe for underground car parks, ideal for relaxation or meditation, live instrumentation (Fender Rhodes) combined with amplified (live) nature sounds for a wonderful experience. 

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out now - NR 005 - Modtech - Virus [Alpha]

It is exciting to see an artist, Modtech, taking things to the next level with Live Modular Techno. Modtech's screeching synth sounds are truly fantastic in their simplicity, a mind-expanding experience indeed! 

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out now - NR 002 - Ed Nomi - MPLN

Producer and label owner of Nomiland Records, Ed Nomi, returns with a successor to 'MNML' A fashionable four tracker of Minimal Techno inspired by the catwalk. 

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out now - NR 001 - Ed Nomi - MNML

Minimal Techno protagonist and Nomiland Records founder Ed Nomi is back with a full album worth of 'NASCAR' inspired Techno. Continuing the focus on a distinct, experimental sound, Ed Nomi emerses the listener into a soundtrack to world of NASCAR. By no means a simple club record, but still very danceable. Feel the rushes of endorphins when cars race the music, smell the burnin' hot rubber on the tarmac and hear the catchy samples of the racing crew on the pit lane.

From the two-part opening track 'Atlanta' on, the listener gets sucked in and never loses grip on the simple but effective beats. The album is full of passion and life, capturing the magic moments from start to finish, each track is named properly after the cities of real racing tracks.
Get your hands on this release when the rubber's still hot. 

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